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The community of Guntersblum

Short discription:

Wine since Roman times.

It’s worth visiting the community of Guntersblum all year around. A different type of experience for the entire family.

Each part of the community is different. The nine villages which belong to the community, are all of different character, and are the perfect hosts for the visitor. It is our desire for the visitor to return home and be relaxed, refreshed and remember the beautiful countryside and impressions.

After enjoying a wonderful breakfast at the winery, the hotel or Bed & Breakfast, you are prepared to explore the tranquil and beautiful area of Rhineland Palatinate.

Once going thru the brochures one can already determine that the relaxation does not take place in a rehabilitation center but thru nature. Therefore, there is a lot to discover in this area. A bike and hiking trail leads through soft rolling hills covered with vineyards which reflect a special image from spring time all the way through October. You will find about one thousand of the rolling hills in this area. The beautiful countryside will invite you to rest and to enjoy the breathtaking views of the “Odenwald forest”, the “Taunus Mountains” or the “Donnersberg Mountain”.  One can also find an abundance of fauna and flora at the tranquil natural parks along the Rhine river.
The perfect place for adults and children to plan a visit to the so called “Tuscany of Rhineland Palatinate”.

Historical ruins and monuments are to be found throughout the entire area which date back to the times of the Celtic tribes and Romans.  In addition, particularly the Franconians left lots of traces based on the fact that they started to establish the centers of the villages. Most of the communities can be traced back for more than a thousand years, due to certificates of donations made to the cloister of Lorsch in the 8th century.

Regardless of which community you will choose for your visit you can educate yourself as a wine lover everywhere. This may include the studies of wine language used by the wine makers as well as judging wines in regards to aroma, body, type and harmony.

The wine makers are aware of the fact that the nostalgic times of the grape harvests with people carrying large baskets on their backs, singing and having fun are long part of the past. However, during the harvest season when the grapes are being pressed and processed you will still find activities of interest. One of it is the juice scale developed by Ferdinand Oechsle.

The celebrations at the local wineries have an excellent reputation. Here, visitors can slip into the world of wines and aromas.

The author Carl Zuckmayer once perfectly described Rhineland Palatinate in one of his books: “as if it was a part of me”, and his book “The happy vineyard” is often times reality in many areas.

Naturally, the greater community of Guntersblum has more to offer than just vineyards or enjoying the excellent wines. Often times it is the “Oasis of tranquility” of the countryside which gives a new perspective to life.

The communities of Dolgesheim, Dorn-Durkheim, Eimsheim, Guntersblum, Hillesheim, Ludwigshohe, Uelversheim, Weinolsheim und Wintersheim are not necessarily spa areas however,  the local restaurants and wine makers know how to spoil their guests.

One can start using the hiking trails, which are also used for Nordic Walking, from any of the communities.  Maps are made available to assure that everyone reaches the desired destination.

A special event is the trail to the river Rhine from where the visitor can take the ferry boat called “King Gunther”  across to the hessian natural park, referred to as the “Kuhkopf”. However, one can also bike along the left side of the Rhine river to the “Eicher” lake.

Especially in the summer time all communities celebrate their local fair as well as the local wine festivals. The most famous is the “Kellerweg-Fest”  in August which is known throughout Germany and it’s boundries. This truly is a “very special event”.

Of course all accompanied by traditional German “Humpa” music provided by the local community clubs.

For information contact:

Touristikverein Verbandsgemeinde Guntersblum e.V.,
Alsheimer Straße 29,
67583 Guntersblum

Telephone: +49 6249 / 902 217
Fax: +49 6249 / 902 101


Map of the greater community:

Karte MZ-Worms mit Stempel zur VG verkleinert
Click for an enlarged map includes local plans on the map.


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Rheinland - Pfalz 12.01.2009; Az.: 26 722-1.401“.

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Hier könnte auch Ihre Werbung und ein Link zu Ihrem Internetauftritt erscheinen! Weitere Infos erhalten Sie hier.

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